Why Do Obstacle Races Cost so Damn Much!?

Why Do Obstacle Races Cost so Damn Much!?

People always ask why it costs so much to do a race, and i usually respond, ” Can you really put a price tag on what will be one of the best day’s of your life?”

If you’re someone that hasn’t raced yet i invite you to check out a race by you. Do your research first by checking out reviews on www.ObstacleRaceReviews.com and www.MudRunFun.com because all events are different. Also check out those sites and www.MudandAdventure.com out for discount codes so you can save a few bucks.


Either way, how much do you typically spend just on a dinner and a movie, concerts, and other things that just make you fat and will be forgotten within the year?

So here’s the breakdown on what a LEGITIMATE race spends to put on an event that you will remember for a lifetime. Remember, all events aren’t created equally and these are just ballpark numbers.

  • Site Fee (From Farm Land, motocross tracks, and mountains) – 10-50K
  • Insurance – 5-15K
  • Obstacles – 50-200K
  • Entertainment – 3-20K
  • Freebies and Items included in Registration cost (Medals, Beer, Timers, Bibs, shirts, free pics, points series, etc) $15 per racer
  • Fire & Rescue – 5-15K
  • Police and Security – 4-10K
  • Advertising – 10-50K
  • Then you have all the additional stuff like paying for staff, countless hours of prep work and logistics planning, travel, porta potties, barricades, water, electricity, equipment, cleanup, and the list goes on and on.

Soooo…I hope this makes all you badass obstacle racers out there understand and appreciate all that goes into putting on one single event. I also hope that this makes all you entrepreneurs who want to jump on the bandwagon and start your own race think twice.

Looking forward to meeting you all at a future race and hopefully at a SUPERHERO SCRAMBLE!