Eddie Kotlyarov

Eddie Kotlyarov

A veteran and top finisher of more than 45 endurance sports events including Half Marathons, Marathons, & Triathlons…

Eddie’s passion for OCR began after he did his first ever Obstacle Course Race event. And which one was it? You guessed it! It was the inaugural Superhero Scramble at Quiet Waters Park in 2011. Initially brought on board as a consultant for the Miami 2013 Race, Eddie’s love for the sport turned into a full time job as the Superhero Scramble Director of Operations, Race Director and Chief Course Designer. His unique knowledge of OCR coupled with his two Master’s Degrees in Business (MBA) and Marketing (MS) made for a perfect natural progression from his corporate position. Yup, from this man’s sick brain comes the grueling courses you’ve grown to know and love! Chances are you have cursed his name many a time while fighting to conquer one of our events. A glutton for punishment, Eddie runs every course many times to make sure it’s up to his stringent demand for a challenging OCR.

When Eddie is not Superhero Scrambling he spends his time traveling, cooking (he is a Cordon Bleu trained chef) and spending quality time at home with his two dogs: a lab mix named Abi’dah and a Sharpei/Shepard named Louis.

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