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Sean “Ace” O’Connor


The man that started it all. Always a leader and never a follower, Ace has always been known to do extraordinary things and accomplish anything he put his heart into. He’s dedicated his life to making sure that everyone has an opportunity to challenge themselves at a Superhero Scramble…. and of course, to have one of the best days of their life!

Josh Kallan


The guy who wants to get you as muddy and dirty as you can possibly get. He wants you to take the memories from a Superhero Scramble with you, and conquer your daily lives like you did the course! Josh wants you to walk away from a Superhero Scramble having an experience that will change your life for the better. He’s world traveler, foodie, and athlete.

Eddie Kotlyarov

Eddie Kotlyarov

Director of Operations

From this man’s sick brain comes the grueling courses you’ve grown to know and love! Chances are you have cursed his name many a time while fighting to conquer one of our events. A glutton for punishment, Eddie runs every course many times to make sure it’s up to his stringent demand for a challenging OCR.